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How Limitless Gym doubled their memberships for £49/month

Limitless Gym is a small gym in Cumbernauld giving customers the kind of training they don't get at PureGym. With 80kg dumbbells, a bastard bar, three squat racks and heavy-duty machines they've been helping customers smash one-rep max lifts daily for years. But their cashflow sucked.

They only accepted cash or standing order and were struggling. Between late payments, being ghosted by members who never showed up again, and long work hours; they were fighting to keep moving forward. The owner James would open the doors at 6AM and stay at the gym until 10PM that night, seven days a week. He'd have to spend the first week of every month chasing money from members after he'd paid all the bills out of pocket.

We've worked with James over the last year to change things. Now, his members pay on time every month by card. Now, when a customer rocks up at 3AM wanting to sign up they can enter their details on the website and get a welcome text message with the door code.

"Member Magic is by far the easiest tool I've tried for taking gym payments."

James, Limitless Gym

In just three months, James added one hundred new members and opened up 24/7. During lockdown, James has been able to offer a lifetime price-lock for customers who were willing to sign up before the gym re-opened. Almost all of his members said yes.

If you're running a gym and want to know how you can do the same then please get in touch. We built Member Magic in response to working with clients like James. A membership platform with transparent pricing, proper customer support, and a focus on helping small businesses thrive.


We're offering full concierge onboarding during the pandemic.

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